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Create Your Best Life🌱

TheBlondeSutras🌱 focus’ on human elevation, increasing vibrational alignment to create our best lives, your best life.
My name is Christiane. I am a certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and I attended the International Karam Kriya School for Kundalini Yoga & 3HO. I have been studying holistic practices and esoteric subjects for eternity however Yoga extensively in this life since 2008.
I am a communication specialist with way too many years’ experience. I have a flourishing corporate career as well as an unquenchable curiosity for the human experience in our capacity to expect serious amounts of joy and contentment as our birth right.
My core interest and place I live to dwell is in the elevation and the preservation of Grace in you and me. Why? Well that’s the place we are true ourselves, we tap into our innate wisdom and therein lies an exchange a union. It’s beautiful to experience, there is no feeling like it and it’s the point of elevation, clarity and of coming home.
I profoundly believe that we all have it in us already to live our best lives and we feel every day moments of freedom, creativity and strength and if we could harness that and expand on that well we could achieve anything we wanted to.
There are many phenomenal minds and theatres of virtual communities whose voices and interests rise to explain how we can tap into our immense and already seated with us inner knowledge, light, Guru & wisdom. We all have our own wisdom and we innately know that. The challenge is we need to be able to understand and resonate with this knowledge so we can work it in our own lives with ease and clarity.
The secret to living our best life is to do the next right thing. Sounds easy…
TheBlondeSutras is in its infancy, a tiny green shoot surfacing that sees a best practice exchange within the global community to share our innate knowledge so any one can use it to live their best lives. For too long wisdom has been written in an esoteric fashion, (intended to be understood by a small group already with a head start in its basic knowledge and understanding) and if we can unpack it and use today’s language and share our own experiences we’ll all be having AH HA moments and just getting on with it. Our best lives.
What to expect:
Best Practice for Mind, Body, Spirit
Let’s start with meditation:
What you have to understand very simply is that everything that happens in your mind has a physical representation in your body and in your brain. Everything that happens in your brain correlates with what happens in your body. So your perception, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your memory, the images in your consciousness all influence what’s happening in the brain. Neurotransmitters like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, opiates and many others and of course that has its effect in the body. Here’s one thing to remember, your mind, your body your consciousness which is your Spirit and your social interactions, your personal relationships, your environment and how you deal with the environment and your biology are all inextricably woven into a single process.
This is an integrated process, your breath and your heartbeat, your heart rate availability that tells us about your stress levels, your hormone levels, adrenaline, cortisol they are all part of this process so by influencing one you influence everything.
When you experience negative or toxic emotion such as compulsiveness, fear, greed, anger, hostility or doubt then of course that creates stress, and that creates damage to your body. Through meditation you can actually reverse the effects of this toxic experience of life whether that is toxic emotions, toxic thoughts, toxic environment, toxic habits etc the key is to experience inner silence, when you experience inner silence then your body return to its base line status which is called Homeostasis and that is also self-repair.
So let’s do an exercise:
Please close your eyes, put your feet on the ground, don’t cross your legs. Keep your hands open, and just observe your breath. Just observe your breath right now. You don’t manipulate or change your breath you just observe it. As you observe your breath you may be distracted by thoughts, sensations in your body, sounds in your environment. Whatever happens is supposed to happen. You don’t fight it, you just gently come back to observing the breath. (Continue)
Let me know how you got on.
Much Love and Grace